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To my readers

My blog was for a class that I was taking through the University of Toronto.  It was an interesting process to write about things that I do often but have never sat down before and given it much thought about what I had experienced.  I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and supporting me by your comments and likes.

This is not a goodbye!  I plan on keeping this blog going but I am going to take a break from writing over the summer months.  My summer is usually filled with visits to amusement parks and will not be able to commit to taking the time to write.

See you in the fall.


Pizza and More Pizza, Windsor, Ontario

What comes to mind when someone says Pizza to you?  Do you have a favorite pizza joint that you go to?  Or do you think of the big pizza chains?  Although the large pizza chains are attractive in the sense of price are you really getting the best pizza out there? Yes I am asking lots of questions on this because I think that living in Windsor we have some of the best pizza around.  For me it brings back some childhood memories of eating pizza with my Mother and Brother on a particular night of the week.  This generally was on a Friday night after my Mom had got home from work.  The standard topping list was Bacon, Mushroom and Green Pepper. I guess I am saying it can be a comfort food to me.

I have mentioned this before that when most Windsorites leave the area this is one of the things that they crave the most when they move away.  Some miss the pizza so much that they will have it shipped to them!  Now that says something about the taste and arguably the quality of the pizza.  That is one of many stories you can find that people will have pizza shipped to their new homes away from home.  I never got the crazy when I did move away but I definitely craved it and would get pizza when I came home.  There was only one place that I found that even came close to the pizza here in Windsor and that was in Alma, Michigan at a place called Pizza Sam’s.  Their pizza was excellent!

Since I love pizza so much I decided that it would be unfair to myself and my readers to only try one place and blog about it.  Each pizza place has its own flavor and they are really good!  I feel like we have a lot pizza joints in the city and it’s almost like a Tim Horton’s on every corner.  At this point I am sure you are wondering what makes pizza here so great, right?  It’s the sauce, the cheese and the dough.  I mean that is the basic ingredients of any pizza but its the tastes of them that make the difference. The pizza places take their cheese seriously and don’t cut on the quality of it either.  There has been debates on whether or not the local pizzeria’s are using cheese from the local vendors or from the US.  They take it seriously.  To sum it up it’s the passion that is involved in creating that great pizza.

Each of the places I tried I have had pizza from them except for two.  One is new and the other one has been around for a long time but for whatever reason I never ordered from them.  I guess it’s probably because I am loyal to one particular place as I find they do have the best pizza in the city.  Some may argue with me but we all have different tastes. I am going to start with my favorite pizza place and end with my least favorite.  That does not mean that I did not like the pizza it’s just my overall preference.

My favorite place to order from is Sarducci’s Pizza which where I order from the most because it really is excellent pizza.  Their boxes say’s “Home of the famous kitchen sink” which just means they have lots of toppings.  Any pizza that I have ever ordered from there is loaded with toppings and it they are quick.  Most times you will get your pizza in 25 minutes at maximum.  The guys that work there are super friendly and when you walk in they all greet you by name if they know it.  When you are leaving they always say bye to you by name.  That is a personal touch!  Their sauce has the perfect blend of being sweet and spicy.  It’s one of those few places that I can eat pizza without getting heartburn which is a bonus for me.  It’s always perfectly cooked.

My next place that I really like is Cheese Wheelz.  They have not been around for as long as Sarducci’s but have a very large presence in the area.  Cheese Wheelz started off in an ESSO gas station and has steadily increased its size by adding more locations.  The only thing that I don’t like is that they are becoming a chain which is being franchised out so this does seem to have an effect on consistency and quality of the product.  However, with that being said they are really a league on their own when it comes to what the final product is.  The crust is super thick and is flavored with garlic butter.  The toppings on their pizza is some of the best in the city.  It’s fresh and they don’t skimp on how much they put on the pizza at all.  The reason why I rate this more as my second choice is the heartburn factor kicks in which causes me pain due to the sauce and toppings.

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The third place is Rosa’s but really it’s a tie with second place.  I can’t say anything bad about the pizza.  It was so tasty!  Good quality pizza toppings plus the perfect amount of cheese was put on the pizza.  The drawback was there was too much sauce on the pizza which is not a bad thing but it had a unique taste on its own but it was on the spicy side for me.  Once again purely a taste perspective for me.  It was cooked perfectly so no burnt crust which is never a good thing.  Toppings for Rosa’s was fresh and had a good amount of them on it.

The last place for me was Davinci’s and once again it had nothing to do with the pizza being bad it’s all about what it had to offer over the others.  One thing I noticed with the pizza from here was that the sauce was very light and was very spicy for me.  Maybe that is why they use light sauce on the pizza here.  Toppings were also lighter than the other places.  I do like lots of toppings on my pizza’s.  However, cheese wise they had put the most on it which I really liked.  The cheese was definitely a higher quality cheese and it’s a local vendor which is really awesome.


There are so many other places to blog about when it comes to pizza here.  Have you ever had pizza in Windsor?  And if so what is your favorite place to go?  Do you have any local favorites in the city that you live in?

Ronin Sushi – Royal Oak, MI

In my about section I had mentioned that I do have food allergies and specifically seafood. You are probably wondering why I visited a Sushi place considering that they serve fish, right? Well even though they are known for Sushi they do have other things on the menu that are not seafood related at all.  I have been to Ronin before so it’s not new to me.  The food is actually incredible!  I am sure you are still thinking if you can’t eat seafood why would you go into such a place.  Well let me tell you that when you are out with friends who enjoy this kinda thing and you are the only who does not then there is that chance you will be left out.  Who wants to go somewhere else to eat alone while everyone else you know is having a good time with each other.  I hate this phrase but I had to say to myself “suck it up, buttercup”  However, before we went I was assured that there other types of food that I could have while I ate there that is not seafood related.

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Ronin is located in the downtown core of Royal Oak.  It’s close to the action and not a far walk from anything in the city.  What makes this an ideal spot to eat at is that it’s right next door to the Royal Oak Theatre which hosts live music events and some big headliners actually perform there.  Before you decide to venture into Royal Oak to eat make sure there is no big shows taking place that day or you could end up waiting awhile to eat.

I am sure you know me by now and what has an everlasting impression on me when it comes to ambiance.  Ronin is no different when it comes to this.  The dining experience is comfortable and varies on where you sit in the restaurant.  They have two different area’s one is dining and the other is the bar area which is open seating.  The bar area tends to be the fun area where you sit on couches and there ottoman style tables for you to put your food and drinks on.  It’s also where children are not able to go and you have to be 21+ to seat there.  Sorry for those who have children but I am thankful for this because I don’t always want to hear screaming kids while I am eating.  No I am not that grumpy old guy it’s just that I prefer not to dine with kids.

This time I sat in the dining room area because well the bar area was full and there was a couple in the corner who thought some PDA was necessary.  It was too much really. The server arrived at the table and asked if there was any questions about the menu.  I did not have any questions because I knew what I wanted.  I guess with Sushi you have to ask more questions because my friend asked lots of questions and finally decided on what to eat.  He ordered his food from a paper menu by putting check marks on the sheet and I had ordered with the waitress.

My meal was Kobe sliders that had ginger, smoked bacon, siracha sauce, lettuce, tomato and boursin cheese.  I had asked for them medium but was told it was either rare or well done.  Well done it was because the sight of rare meat is not something I can handle visually.  It may taste good but no thank you.  Even well done they tasted amazing!  Very tender and you could taste all the ingredients.  It’s different having ginger on a burger but it works well.  The side with sliders is a shoestring fries which are mounded on top. You really don’t think you will be full from eating the food but I was when I was done.

The sushi according to my friend is amazing!  I mean I can only take his word for it but based on looks alone it looked outstanding.  Believe me if I could have tried it I would have.  Why is that when you are out with people who are eating things that you can’t eat is that you try to live through them by asking how everything tastes?  Or that you watch their facial expressions to determine if it’s good or not?  I find myself doing that often even though I am not able to eat that particular food.  Food allergies are not fun to deal with so in the case I don’t even bother and being adventurous in attempting to eat it.

Royal Oak, Sushi, Food, Foodporn
Sushi Skewers
Royal Oak, Sushi, Food, Foodporn

Do you love to eat Sushi?  What are your favorite places to go?

Windsor Palace – Windsor, ON

A benefit from living in Windsor is that we have many different types of food that is offered due to the diversity that this City offers.  We have a very large Arabic population in the city and it should be noted that it has been suggested that Windsor has one of the largest populations of Middle Easterners in the World outside of the Middle East. Dearborn Michigan is also home to a very large number of Middle Easterners and it said that it does hold the most from that ethnic group anywhere outside of the Middle East.  We also enjoy other types of ethnic foods that are just as delightful and living here you never get bored with food at all.  I know that is a first world problem to be bored with food but it is worth noting that you will not go hungry here!

If you have not had any type of Middle Eastern food you need to go out and get some!  It’s has so much flavor and it’s good for you.  There are different types of this cuisine and it depends on the region of where it comes from.  Excuse my generalization but I think most Westerners are probably more apt to call this cuisine Lebanese food.  It’s probably more familiar and more recognized.  They are similar but subtle enough that they taste very different.

This brings me to Windsor Palace and it was my very first time visiting the restaurant. I’ll be honest that the reason why I decided to try this place for the first time is because of a Facebook friend posted a few pictures on her page and it got me thinking and I got hungry for some Middle Eastern food.  It was the power of suggestion that got me.  And I was very happy that it did.  Oh and I do have to tell the truth as I did check out tripadvisor before I went to help me with my decision.  Besides most people saying that the food was excellent there was one other point that was made and it was the dramatic dining room that the restaurant had.  Well let’s just say they were spot on with this observation.  It was unexpected as the outside of the restaurant does not say anything about being dramatic.

I did things differently this time as I had just ended my day at work and I was not in the mood to sit down to dine in.  I just wanted the comfort of my home and spend time with my dog before going to bed for the night.  I decided to do the take out route!  Take out is hard to make look presentable because of how it needs to be packaged so that it can travel. In this case they proved me wrong and Windsor Palace did an awesome job of making sure that they food was nicely presented.  I strongly believe that Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the best types of food for presentation.  It always looks very appetizing to me.  Hummus is a perfect example on how it’s decorated and the placed on to the serving dish.  It’s amazing really!

One of my favorite things about Middle Eastern food is the garlic sauce that they offer.  It’s so simple but very tasty.  I decided to order an appetizer platter which had hummus, fattoush, baba ganoush and tabouli.  I did not know if that would be enough so I decided to order a dish called Kibbeh.  When the staff handed over my order I was amazed on how heavy everything was. I thought that maybe I might have been given the wrong order but did not question it because I figured that they got it right.  I kinda felt the Ikea commercial where the lady is running out of the building saying “Start the car”!  Of course I’d be only yelling at myself to start the car and that would be weird so that did not happen.

I finally get home not that it took long to get but I was tired.  As soon as unpacked the food the aroma from what I had ordered hit me like a brick.  The smell of the food that I had ordered was making salivate and I was ready to start to eat.  There was a part of me that didn’t even want to start dishing up the food because the way it looked.  I don’t like to call food pretty but it was exactly that as the presentation was really  nice.  My taste buds are going crazy with all the different tastes that are involved.  It was so fresh tasting and perfectly seasoned.  It’s really amazing how different everything tastes but seem so similar with the ingredients that is put into the food. Yet so simple!  My favorite part of this meal was EVERYTHING!  It was so good that I could not stop at just having one helping I went back for another round.

There was so much food that it lasted for a few more meals and snacks.  It was super cheap considering the portion size of what I got.  I think Windsor Palace will be my goto in the future as my favorite place to go has went out of business sadly.

Do you love Middle Eastern Food?  If so what is your favorite place to go?  I would love to put them on my list of places to go next.










Hockeytown Cafe – Detroit, Michigan

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Lobby of HockeyTown Cafe Detroit Michigan

He shoots he scores!  Or in this particular day it was he shoots he misses.  It was not a good day for the Red Wings.  They were defeated playing against the New York Rangers. However, I felt very lucky on March 12th because I got to visit two new places in the city of Detroit that I may not have had visited if I had not gone to see the Red Wings game.

HockeyTown is part of the IIlitch Holdings Group which is the same people who started Little Ceasars Pizza Pizza. It’s part of the IIlitch Holdings which if you are not familiar with who that is it is the people who own Little Ceasars Pizza.  The Illitch family has a very strong presence in the city of Detroit as they own the Detroit Tigers and you guessed it they also own the Red Wings.  They hae also been intrustmental in the rebirth of Detroit and they are expanding their pizza empire with the headoffice being built right down the street from HockeyTown.


I think that HockeyTown Cafe is rather interesting but you should really enjoy sports as it is centered around that.  You can find Detroit Tigers and Red Wings goods to purchase if you choose to do so.  One other aspect that it makes it more interesting that there is a theatre inside the restaurant called City Theatre.  I did not even know that it was there until I was reading the menu and discovered that it was there.  It’s not like it’s hidden I was just not paying attention.  From what I understand it not far off from being in a Theatre on Broadway but I don’t know that for sure.

Be prepared to wait if you ever decide to come here if there is any games taking place. Commerica park sits right across the road from HockeyTown Cafe so it draws on the crowds going there.  It’s in centrailized part of the city and easy access to the interestates. Plus any home games for the Red Wings they provide shuttles to Joe Louis Arena for anyone that is attending those games.  With the new arena being built it will be much closer and I am sure that it will bring more people to visit there.

So my friend that went to ASHE Coffee Co also came with me to HockeyTown Cafe which was interesting because she is a not a sports fan at all.  We went up to the Hostess and asked for a table and she informed us that it will be an hour to get a table.  I asked her if she was serious and yet she was so sweet about it and said we will text you when your table is ready.  Ultimately choices are limited for dining in this area as it is still in the stages of rebirth.  Also, you may not know this but Detroit is quite religious so lots of places downtown are not open for business on Sundays.  I forgot about this when we decided to eat downtown.  This time allowed us to discover a bit more about the restaurant and look around a bit more.  That’s when we discovered the theatre and looked around at the decor and the sports themed ambiance.  The lobby part of the restaurant is actually quite interesting and in my opinion done well.  It was pretty comfortable as well which is important to the overall dining experience.

Food wise it’s really finger food’s and sports grub.  Don’t expect a gourmet meal here because it’s not going to happen.  I decided to order the “Boss Hog” burger after asking the waitress what she would go with if she was ordering and she told me that I would not be disappointed in ordering it.  Well she was right I was not disappointed with the taste and the portion size.  Just as they describe it a meat lovers dream!  It was a burger topped with pulled pork, bacon, cheese and crispy onion straws. It was a huge a burger and I could barely get my mouth around it.  My friend laughed at me and she said she was surprised that I could not get my big mouth around it.  It was difficult let me tell you.  The taste of the pulled pork was perfect.  Not too sweet and not too spicy.  However, next time that I decide to go there I will order it medium because anything more than that the burger dries out.  My friend is a bit boring when it comes to food so her order was nothing exciting.  It was chicken fingers with fries.  However, it was a good size portion and she said they were actually really tasty.  The batter on them looked crispy and just the perfect amount on them.

Americana, Pub Food, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan, Motor CityIMG_20170312_172142Americana, Pub Food, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan, Motor CityAmericana, Pub Food, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan, Motor City

I enjoyed my meal here at the HockeyTown Cafe and will be back. It is a great place to hang out with people have a few drinks.  There is a really nice bar that you can sit and watch any sporting events taking place.

He shoots he scores!!  Or that is what we hope happens.

If you want to see some of the game that I went to see please look here.






ASHE Coffee Supply Co – Detroit, Michigan

Who does not love a good cuppa?  As I am one for trying new things this was perfect and plus I accidentally found this coffee place on my way to the Red Wings Game and was looking for a place to eat before getting there.

So when I saw ASHE Coffee Supply CO I started running to it and yelling to my friend hurry up!  She had no idea why I was so excited to see this coffee place and more than likely she probably thought I had finally lost my mind.  Little did she know at that time it was because I had seen this coffee shop featured on a show called In The D that is aired on a local TV station out of Detroit.  It is a show that features everything about Detroit and the local region for the most part.  The shows main purpose to help people discover all the unique things that are taking place in the city and the great places to dine, drink and have fun.  So that is the reason why I took off and ran into ASHE Coffee Supply Co.

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I am sure all of you know by now that one of the first things that catch my attention is the decoration and the general ambiance of a place.  Let me tell you that ASHE has done a great job of making the place interesting.  It is nicely decorated and it had a good vibe.  I don’t want to knock Starbucks because I love going there but this place made me feel very comfortable.  The interior is done with exposed brick, textured walls and hard woods.  I think the tables could have been reclaimed wood from Detroit’s old buildings before they were torn down.

Coffee, Detroit, Travel, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan
ASHE Coffee Co Detroit Michigan

The overall menu is small but that is ok.  It does make things a lot easier when a menu is limited and they will generally be better at the products that they offer.  When I finally went up to order I asked a few questions and the guy says to me “You must be used to Starbucks, right?” Of course I answered yes because I do actually like Starbucks.  He explains to me that the products they offer are different and that I should not expect anything like what they make.  I order a hot chocolate for my friend and I order a latte called Cafe Miel.  The coffee was made with espresso, steamed milk, honey and cinnamon We wait a few minutes while they make our beverages and that gave me more time to look around to see what they have.  It’s definitely for the Detroit lover because most of what they had to offer was Detroit based items.  I think that is really awesome.

Coffee, Detroit, Travel, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan
ASHE Coffee Co

They let us know that our beverages are now ready.  She takes a sip of her hot chocolate and said it is good but not sweet.  I take a sip of mine and I was like wow.  This tastes so good.   It’s the perfect balance between sweet and the taste of the coffee beans.  My friend does not really like coffee but I asked if she wanted to try mine and she did.  She actually said it was good.  I needed this pick up because by that point I was caffeine deprived. When you get your beverage they put a design on the froth which is quite cool and they were different from each other.

Detroit, Travel, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan, Hot Chocolate
ASHE Coffee Co Detroit Michigan, Hot Chocolate with Heart

I realize that this blog post might be shorter than usual but it was a new experience for me and I was amazed with what they had to offer.  There really is not much more I can write about on this particular place.  This coffee shop will be my go to in the future when I am hanging out in the Motor City.

Do you have a favorite coffee place that you go to that is not part of the big chains?

Palenque – Windsor, Ontario

I really enjoy Mexican food!  The things that come to mind when I go to have Mexican food is Tortilla Chips and Salsa and Tequila.  With a side of possible heartburn because of who spicy it can be!  Living in Windsor I think we are very lucky because we have access to an area just off the Ambassador Bridge called Mexican Town.  There are several restaurants in the district that most Windsorites are very familiar with and we visit quite often.  So when I was told about Palenque in Windsor I just had to check it out to see what it was about.  It also saved me another trip across the border and dealing with possible back-ups at Immigration.  So I headed off to Palenque to try it out!  I heard lots of good things about it because it was so fresh and very tasty and that I would not be disappointed in what they had to offer.  The decorations were a bit odd but it did work for the place.

I get there and realize that is quite a small place and notice right away that there was about 10 tables in the place.  My arrival time was well after the dinner hour so there was plenty of space but I could have an issue if I had wanted to go at peak times for dinner.  The good thing about this type of cuisine is that it is generally quick in terms of cooking times so it is possible you won’t wait very long for a table.  However that is you if are not partaking in the different types of Tequila that they offer.  Tequila is dangerous for me! Once I start I usually have to be cut off because it goes down so nicely.  Don’t worry I am responsible if I decide to have something with Tequila in it.  So being responsible I only had one margarita and it was really good.  I had to have something while I was waiting for my dinner to arrive.  I mean wouldn’t you do the same thing?  There is something about eating tortilla chips, salsa and drinking a margarita which is very inviting.  It could be that they are all salty and it makes you thirsty to drink more of margaritas!  Even though I was tempted to order one more I drank my water instead.

Mexican, Windsor, Foodporn, Food, DTW, Travel
Salsa and Chips – Palenque
Mexican, Windsor, Foodporn, Food, DTW, Travel
Margarita – Palenque

Anytime I try out a new Mexican restaurant I always get the enchilada dinner.  First because it’s a simple dish, it’s usually quick and it has everything that I like!  If they can’t do that right then usually I don’t go back.  Well Palenque did not disappoint! The food came out very quickly and it was super hot.  Presentation was very nice although in my opinion Mexican cuisine does not lend itself very well to being very tidy due to the sauces that is usually associated with meal.  It tends to be messy.  However, the taste was incredible!  It was very tasty and extremely fresh.  You could taste all the ingredients in the food.  The beans were even good and I was glad that I did not pass it over for a double order of rice. Rice is sometimes tricky and is either overly cooked or undercooked but it was perfect.  Me describing the food does not really even begin to explain how good it was.  I did get the chicken enchilada dish which was bursting with flavors.  It was very tender the meat and had a generous portion stuffed inside the toritalla’s.  Cheese for me an important part of the dinner and needs to have lots which it did.  Everytime I would lift my fork it would stick to the fork and there was a string of it.

Now I have mentioned this before that I don’t usually indulge in desserts and well I could not resist this time.  I love churros and saw it on the menu and thought to myself just order them.  I placed my order and then waited for them to come out.  The waitress brings the sweet stuff and all I can smell was the cinnamon and sugar that was coated on the dough.  Now I have never had authentic churros before and the ones from Costco or Taco Bell do not count.  This one was so different because it was crunchy on the outside but the dough was soft in the middle and would melt in your mouth.  Just the right amount of sugar along with the cinnamon just made we want to eat it all.  Well I made a pig out of myself and ate the whole thing.  I don’t regret at all.

Mexican, Windsor, Foodporn, Food, DTW, Travel, churro

The next time I get that craving for some Mexican food I am going not going to make a run for the border because it’s down the street from me!

What is your favorite Mexican food?


Vinsetta Garage – Royal Oak, Michigan

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Vinsetta Garage – Royal Oak, Michigan

A few years ago I was introduced to Vinsetta Garage by a friend that wanted to meet there for my Birthday.  He told me where it was located but he did not tell me what to expect either.  I drove to Woodward Ave and 11 mile where it is located.  Just pulling up to the place I was impressed by the way it looked.  And it was BUSY!  Two hour wait on a Thursday night??  I never wait that long for a table because there are so many other options out there but I was asked to meet him there.  So I sat and waited, waited and waited more.  Of course he was late. However, I have visited a few more times since that time.  That should tell you how good it is!

Americana, Food, Foodporn, DTW, Vinsetta Garage
Vinsetta Garage – Royal Oak, Michigan.

Remember how I said that going to Smoke and Spice has taught me to go earlier, well Vinsetta has taught me to go late!  This time I went there at 10pm and of course I got to be seated right away.  I am sure that the waiter was a bit annoyed because they were closing in one hour.  Yes I actually did that by coming in an hour before close.  Generally, I avoid this because I know that the staff just want to leave and go home after a long night of working.

Like I said this visit was not my first time nor will it be last time to dine here.  Anything that I have tried so far is delicious!  The menu that they have to offer is pure Americana of course with some local twists.  I realize that Royal Oak is not the Motor City but it does feel that way when you are dining in the area.  Everything is connected to Detroit and it makes a big impact on how things are set up.  The restaurant’s name gets the name honestly as it used to be an actual garage at one time. Those who have images of the Detroit metro area usually do not have the most positive ones in mind.  It is an area that is on the move be reinventing itself and making into a destination that it once was.

While you are sitting in Vinsetta Garage you can’t help notice the details of the floors, walls, lights and decoration.  Even the restrooms are interesting and I know that is strange to mention!  If you don’t look around you are missing a big part of the experience because it is just more than food that it has to offer.  In my opinion you are part of a history of the area that cannot be ignored.

The wait staff are really funny and they connect with the guests which might explain why sometimes it takes awhile to get inside.  Don’t be surprised if they joke around with you and flirt with you when they are taking your order or while you wait.  They all have a tendency to do those things but I think it is nice it’s never the same experience twice in a row.  It also takes your mind off the fact that you are still waiting for your dinner to arrive. This time I went I ordered something called the noodle burger.  It sounds odd and if you are on any kind of diet it is not the dish to order!  It’s ground beef, smoked cheddar,  elbow macaroni and maple bacon which is then cooked to have a crispy top.  The tastes of the all those ingredients collide with another which creates an explosion on your palate.  Simply amazing in my opinion.  If you walk away from this place hungry then you have a problem because the portions are massive.  This particular dish comes with a side salad but it’s more like a dinner portion.  The salad was even delicious!

The dessert menu is also intense!  Everything is made right there in the prep kitchen which is actually behind Vinsetta in another building altogether.  Have you ever heard of Faygo Pop?  It all started off in Detroit in the early 1900’s.  One of my favorite flavors is Rock N’Rye but it’s hard to describe the taste.  It’s kinda like a cream soda with cola for me. Anyway when I saw that ice cream I was like whaattt?  So I ordered and was in seriously in love with it even though I was so stuffed from what I had for dinner.  They put pop rocks on it as well which adds an interesting experience.  Who would have thought to do something like that!?   I am not done with the dessert menu as they have key lime pie which I have been eyeing and sooner or later my craving is going to get the best of me. Who knows maybe I will go there just for that one these days.

Next time you are in the D you have to stop here and check it out.  You will not be dissappointed at all.  As always I apologize for pictures that are kinda hard to see due to lighting of the place I am visiting.

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The Carvery – Windsor, Ontario

When I start to crave something I have learned that it is best to cave into that very craving because you will eventually get what you were craving in the first place.  It’s a constant battle that takes place in your head because you know that you should be eating better and healthier items.  So I was craving a sandwich and that is how I ended up at the Carvery! Let me tell you that it was craving I am glad that I had.

After a few errands were completed I drove to the Carvery which is located in the Olde Walkerville area of the city.  It’s a quaint part of the city which has seen some rebirth in the area where businesses are doing well.   By the time I get there I was so hungry that I could eat a horse!  That brings up the question of why do people always say that?

Once I get inside the restaurant I notice the decor and I think to myself this is pretty cool on how they have it set-up.  I am really big into how a place looks as for some reason I think the more esthetically pleasing it is to your eyes the food will taste better.   However, I know that is not always the case.  I do tend to go to places that have more of industrial feel to it for some reason and I think it is from living in this area.  One of the first things I notice is the menu board is a chalkboard and it has all the sandwiches listed along with the other items that they have to offer.img_20170208_134245

I walk up to the counter and look at the menu board to see what I want to order.  There was no one at the counter but a lady appeared out of nowhere and I jumped because I was not expecting it.  I finally decide on what I am going to order and I order the braised beef sandwich.  It is a very simple sandwich on baguette bread, braised beef, Jack cheese and field greens.  You can make it a combo which I did and had iced tea and fries with it.  She asks me to take a seat and wait for the food to be made.

Carvery Windsor Ontario

As I am sitting I can’t help but notice the layout of the restaurant and how they have decorated it.  How often do you ever look at the ceiling?  Probably not very often.  Next time you go out to eat and as you are waiting for your food look up.  Yes stop looking at your phone and take in the sights.  You never know what you will see.  I start looking at the lights and I realize the light shades are well not shades.  They are stainless steel pails! What a neat idea and so simple.

Now the food has arrived and I can’t wait to dig in because it looks so good!  However, to be honest I really did not think it was going to fill me up because it looked kinda small. I tasted the fries first and well dang.  They are super tasty and they have the perfect crunch and the right flavoring.  Now it’s sandwich time and I put the bread together and realize I might have a hard time getting my big mouth around the sandwich.  There is more to this than I had initially thought.  Flavor is intense!  The meat is perfect and it had a kick to it. Do you ever eat something and then discover that you can’t even put it down because it is so good?  Well that was me with this sandwich.

Braised Beef
Braised Beef
Braised Beef

I wish that I could have tried more sandwiches at the Carvery because what I did try was very good. The price was right and it was quick.  It was not what I had expected either. Hopefully I will remember this place when I want a sandwich and skip the likes of Subway.

Thank you for reading my most recent blog post.  This is a lot of fun and super tasty. My wallet on the other hand might not like it because I feel that my waist is expanding from eating all this food.  Does this not make you hungry or what?

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