I love food!  Who doesn’t, right?  My blog will focus on the Cities of Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI.  As I live in Windsor I frequently visit venues in Detroit as it is has become a foodie destination and is going through a revitalization that is very exciting for those who live in the region.  But I won’t forget what Windsor has to offer either!  I will not include anything that is considered to be a National Chain as it I don’t find them to be unique to any given area.  I am not a food critic by any means and that is not my goal for this blog.  It’s about creating excitement about eating and enjoying good food and drinks.  Hopefully it will inspire someone to visit the area and try out some of the local fare.

Some of you may have heard about types of food we are known for.  Most Ex-Windsorites love their pizza from here.  It is true I really think we have the best pizza around and that is from experience from living in the other Provinces and the State of Michigan that I missed Windsor style pizza.  You end up craving it and nothing really ever comes close to it.  I will definitely have one of my blogs on a particular pizza place that I order from all the time.  We are also known for the Italian food that the area has to offer along with Middle Eastern.  It sure is a great place to live have all these different types of flavors to satisfy your taste buds.

Have you ever heard of a Coney Island?  They are all over the State of Michigan but you can find them in other States as well.  It just seems to have a larger presence in this particular area.  You got to love hot dogs to love them.  They are filled with stuff!