Pumpkin Spice Pancakes? What?? Really?? Like seriously. You got to be kidding me. A picture of pumpkin spice pancakes were posted on my Facebook page by one of my staff. Of course immediately I asked where this was! How could I pass up the chance to taste such a wonderful thing? Those who know me well know that I love pumpkin spice anything.  So naturally I decided that there is no time to waste about getting there to try this out.  My favorite time of the year gets pushed closer to summer as everyone wants to the first to roll out something that is pumpkin spice.

So after I saw this stack of pancakes I asked my roommate if he wanted to have some pancakes on the upcoming Thursday. He looked at my puzzled because I actually don’t care for pancakes at all. The inquisitive looks started and I said “Pumpkin Spice Pancakes!” He laughed and said sure.  Now I was super excited to get there.  On Thursday morning I got out of bed and started to get ready to go eat breakfast.  But no he was not hungry yet.  Disappointed because now I would have to wait about going.  This to me was like waiting to get in the car for a trip to go to Cedar Point.  Yes I am that guy.  A few hours later I said “We have to go soon, it closes at 3pm”  Then off we go.

Arriving there you notice that this place is actually quite busy.   It’s in a tiny storefront in a plaza called Eastown.  It’s where N&D used to be years and years ago.  Upon entering you see that the there is definitely a limited amount of tables and that is much smaller than you would have thought.  There are black curtains on the windows and also one that hangs in front of the door.  That was a bit odd at first but then you realize why they did that due how cold it gets.  The restaurant is nicely decorated from the paintings, table centerpieces and the mural of the Ambassador Bridge on the wall.  For those who know Windsor the bridge is iconic for the area because it is one of two ways to enter into Detroit or leave it. You sign in yourself and then wait for a table to become available.  They have a coffee station right next to the door that is free while you wait.  Very nice touch if you ask me! And the coffee was really good.

Restaurant, Food, Breakfast
Stacks in Windsor, ON
Food, Restaurant, Breakfast
Stacks Windsor, ON

Finally seated and now ready to look at the menu.  One thing to note here is that the menu itself is not large but it has enough items on the menu that you will find something that you want to eat.  There is only one menu and it’s all breakfast related to brunch items.  I look for the pumpkin spice pancakes on the menu and found them instantly!  I order a mini stack of them and also order a BLT with potato pancakes.  My roommate ordered an everything breakfast which had EVERYTHING that you can think of for breakfast.  Patiently wait for the order and then the food arrives…I see the pancakes I am drooling over them already.  My BLT looks just as good!  I dive in by eating the BLT first because I decided to treat the pancakes as dessert and not a main course.  The BLT is so good and then they serve them with potato pancakes.  Yup potato pancakes!  Honestly the best potato pancakes I have ever had.

Breakfast, Restaurant, Food, Windsor
The Everything Breakfast
Breakfast, Food, Restaurant, Windsor
BLT Sandwich
Food, Breakfast, Restaurant, Windsor
Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

When I paid the bill I told the waitress that I will be back again for the pumpkin spice pancakes and she you better hurry back because we won’t have them much longer.  Great there goes my waistline because I could eat so many more of these.

I saw so many other plates of food go out and I can tell you that I was impressed by what they had to offer.  Everything looked great!  Presentation is a very big thing and they have nailed it.  I will make this place one of the restaurants that I will frequent.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my first post about a local restaurant.