I love Southern BBQ style restaurants.  But I don’t know anyone that does not like a good BBQ.  What is there not to like?  How can you say no to food with sauces that drips down your arms as you eat it?  When food is BBQ’d the smell alone makes me hungry waiting to bite into it.  I just love the smell of a good BBQ!  Of course everyone has different tastes and that is what determines whether or not you will enjoy the food.

You might ask why I choose to blog about Smoke and Spice and that is a very easy answer to give to you.  Although the restaurant is not unique in itself because there is so many Southern BBQ style restaurants to choose from it is my very first one that I tried.  Call me sentimental!  They used to be close to my house so the smells for the BBQ would waft through the neighborhood and it just made me hungry all the time.  When it first opened it was not unheard of to wait two hours or more to get a table.  I guess this is when I learned to eat earlier in the day to avoid the long line-ups for dinner and master the perfect timing to get right in before everyone showed up.

Then the owners decided that it was time to expand and moved to a larger location.  It was a very smart idea because it allowed them to fit more people into the restaurant and more access to it.  In its former location it was cramped and it virtually had no parking to speak of unless you parked in the neighborhood on the street.  The current building they are in is an old Montana’s which failed miserably.  It actually goes perfectly because Montana’s did have that Southern feel to it and they did change somethings but they kept a lot of the same decor.  Pretty smart I think!


You might ask what I like to eat when I go there and I do have my favorite that is for sure. But in all honesty there is so much to choose from and everything that I have tried is really good.  My go to is what they call the El-Ray sandwich and it’s really tasty.  The sandwich just has the right blend of flavors and spices in it and it is made with smoked beef brisket smothered in bbq sauce and topped with Jack cheese, onion ring and topped with coleslaw It’s what I like to call BBQ haven!  I am sure you have heard of the show “You Gotta Eat here” well I was on it for Smoke and Spice and I said this after John Catucci wiped my face from the sauce that had dripped on my face from the sandwich.

Video from You Gotta Eat here

For those who are interested there is the video of the episode that Smoke and Spice was featured.  Season 2 episode 10.  Smoke and Spice starts at 14:47 and you can see me from 15:04 to 15:12.  It was my 15 seconds a fame!  Oh wait I was short-changed.

The El-Ray Sandwich
Waffle Fries
Mac & Cheese

I forgot to mention the Mac & Cheese is to die for!  There is so much cheese in it that you have to roll your fork just get it all in your mouth.  This particular meal I had ordered two sides so I had to undo my pants because I was so full.

From time to time I do enjoy a beverage while dining there and considering it a Southern Style restaurant I have to something that says Southern.  The drink of choice for me is called Louisiana Lemonade.  It’s a gin based drink and it is a perfect for sipping on it while sitting on the patio that they have there.

Louisiana Lemonade

It was another great night out dining!  #SouthernBBQ #foodporn #Windsor #WindsorDetroit

I apologize for the picture quality of the photos that I had taken.  The lighting the restaurant was not ideal.

Current menu for Smoke and Spice