When I start to crave something I have learned that it is best to cave into that very craving because you will eventually get what you were craving in the first place.  It’s a constant battle that takes place in your head because you know that you should be eating better and healthier items.  So I was craving a sandwich and that is how I ended up at the Carvery! Let me tell you that it was craving I am glad that I had.

After a few errands were completed I drove to the Carvery which is located in the Olde Walkerville area of the city.  It’s a quaint part of the city which has seen some rebirth in the area where businesses are doing well.   By the time I get there I was so hungry that I could eat a horse!  That brings up the question of why do people always say that?

Once I get inside the restaurant I notice the decor and I think to myself this is pretty cool on how they have it set-up.  I am really big into how a place looks as for some reason I think the more esthetically pleasing it is to your eyes the food will taste better.   However, I know that is not always the case.  I do tend to go to places that have more of industrial feel to it for some reason and I think it is from living in this area.  One of the first things I notice is the menu board is a chalkboard and it has all the sandwiches listed along with the other items that they have to offer.img_20170208_134245

I walk up to the counter and look at the menu board to see what I want to order.  There was no one at the counter but a lady appeared out of nowhere and I jumped because I was not expecting it.  I finally decide on what I am going to order and I order the braised beef sandwich.  It is a very simple sandwich on baguette bread, braised beef, Jack cheese and field greens.  You can make it a combo which I did and had iced tea and fries with it.  She asks me to take a seat and wait for the food to be made.

Carvery Windsor Ontario

As I am sitting I can’t help but notice the layout of the restaurant and how they have decorated it.  How often do you ever look at the ceiling?  Probably not very often.  Next time you go out to eat and as you are waiting for your food look up.  Yes stop looking at your phone and take in the sights.  You never know what you will see.  I start looking at the lights and I realize the light shades are well not shades.  They are stainless steel pails! What a neat idea and so simple.

Now the food has arrived and I can’t wait to dig in because it looks so good!  However, to be honest I really did not think it was going to fill me up because it looked kinda small. I tasted the fries first and well dang.  They are super tasty and they have the perfect crunch and the right flavoring.  Now it’s sandwich time and I put the bread together and realize I might have a hard time getting my big mouth around the sandwich.  There is more to this than I had initially thought.  Flavor is intense!  The meat is perfect and it had a kick to it. Do you ever eat something and then discover that you can’t even put it down because it is so good?  Well that was me with this sandwich.

Braised Beef
Braised Beef
Braised Beef

I wish that I could have tried more sandwiches at the Carvery because what I did try was very good. The price was right and it was quick.  It was not what I had expected either. Hopefully I will remember this place when I want a sandwich and skip the likes of Subway.

Thank you for reading my most recent blog post.  This is a lot of fun and super tasty. My wallet on the other hand might not like it because I feel that my waist is expanding from eating all this food.  Does this not make you hungry or what?

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