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Vinsetta Garage – Royal Oak, Michigan

A few years ago I was introduced to Vinsetta Garage by a friend that wanted to meet there for my Birthday.  He told me where it was located but he did not tell me what to expect either.  I drove to Woodward Ave and 11 mile where it is located.  Just pulling up to the place I was impressed by the way it looked.  And it was BUSY!  Two hour wait on a Thursday night??  I never wait that long for a table because there are so many other options out there but I was asked to meet him there.  So I sat and waited, waited and waited more.  Of course he was late. However, I have visited a few more times since that time.  That should tell you how good it is!

Americana, Food, Foodporn, DTW, Vinsetta Garage
Vinsetta Garage – Royal Oak, Michigan.

Remember how I said that going to Smoke and Spice has taught me to go earlier, well Vinsetta has taught me to go late!  This time I went there at 10pm and of course I got to be seated right away.  I am sure that the waiter was a bit annoyed because they were closing in one hour.  Yes I actually did that by coming in an hour before close.  Generally, I avoid this because I know that the staff just want to leave and go home after a long night of working.

Like I said this visit was not my first time nor will it be last time to dine here.  Anything that I have tried so far is delicious!  The menu that they have to offer is pure Americana of course with some local twists.  I realize that Royal Oak is not the Motor City but it does feel that way when you are dining in the area.  Everything is connected to Detroit and it makes a big impact on how things are set up.  The restaurant’s name gets the name honestly as it used to be an actual garage at one time. Those who have images of the Detroit metro area usually do not have the most positive ones in mind.  It is an area that is on the move be reinventing itself and making into a destination that it once was.

While you are sitting in Vinsetta Garage you can’t help notice the details of the floors, walls, lights and decoration.  Even the restrooms are interesting and I know that is strange to mention!  If you don’t look around you are missing a big part of the experience because it is just more than food that it has to offer.  In my opinion you are part of a history of the area that cannot be ignored.

The wait staff are really funny and they connect with the guests which might explain why sometimes it takes awhile to get inside.  Don’t be surprised if they joke around with you and flirt with you when they are taking your order or while you wait.  They all have a tendency to do those things but I think it is nice it’s never the same experience twice in a row.  It also takes your mind off the fact that you are still waiting for your dinner to arrive. This time I went I ordered something called the noodle burger.  It sounds odd and if you are on any kind of diet it is not the dish to order!  It’s ground beef, smoked cheddar,  elbow macaroni and maple bacon which is then cooked to have a crispy top.  The tastes of the all those ingredients collide with another which creates an explosion on your palate.  Simply amazing in my opinion.  If you walk away from this place hungry then you have a problem because the portions are massive.  This particular dish comes with a side salad but it’s more like a dinner portion.  The salad was even delicious!

The dessert menu is also intense!  Everything is made right there in the prep kitchen which is actually behind Vinsetta in another building altogether.  Have you ever heard of Faygo Pop?  It all started off in Detroit in the early 1900’s.  One of my favorite flavors is Rock N’Rye but it’s hard to describe the taste.  It’s kinda like a cream soda with cola for me. Anyway when I saw that ice cream I was like whaattt?  So I ordered and was in seriously in love with it even though I was so stuffed from what I had for dinner.  They put pop rocks on it as well which adds an interesting experience.  Who would have thought to do something like that!?   I am not done with the dessert menu as they have key lime pie which I have been eyeing and sooner or later my craving is going to get the best of me. Who knows maybe I will go there just for that one these days.

Next time you are in the D you have to stop here and check it out.  You will not be dissappointed at all.  As always I apologize for pictures that are kinda hard to see due to lighting of the place I am visiting.

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