I really enjoy Mexican food!  The things that come to mind when I go to have Mexican food is Tortilla Chips and Salsa and Tequila.  With a side of possible heartburn because of who spicy it can be!  Living in Windsor I think we are very lucky because we have access to an area just off the Ambassador Bridge called Mexican Town.  There are several restaurants in the district that most Windsorites are very familiar with and we visit quite often.  So when I was told about Palenque in Windsor I just had to check it out to see what it was about.  It also saved me another trip across the border and dealing with possible back-ups at Immigration.  So I headed off to Palenque to try it out!  I heard lots of good things about it because it was so fresh and very tasty and that I would not be disappointed in what they had to offer.  The decorations were a bit odd but it did work for the place.

I get there and realize that is quite a small place and notice right away that there was about 10 tables in the place.  My arrival time was well after the dinner hour so there was plenty of space but I could have an issue if I had wanted to go at peak times for dinner.  The good thing about this type of cuisine is that it is generally quick in terms of cooking times so it is possible you won’t wait very long for a table.  However that is you if are not partaking in the different types of Tequila that they offer.  Tequila is dangerous for me! Once I start I usually have to be cut off because it goes down so nicely.  Don’t worry I am responsible if I decide to have something with Tequila in it.  So being responsible I only had one margarita and it was really good.  I had to have something while I was waiting for my dinner to arrive.  I mean wouldn’t you do the same thing?  There is something about eating tortilla chips, salsa and drinking a margarita which is very inviting.  It could be that they are all salty and it makes you thirsty to drink more of margaritas!  Even though I was tempted to order one more I drank my water instead.

Mexican, Windsor, Foodporn, Food, DTW, Travel
Salsa and Chips – Palenque
Mexican, Windsor, Foodporn, Food, DTW, Travel
Margarita – Palenque

Anytime I try out a new Mexican restaurant I always get the enchilada dinner.  First because it’s a simple dish, it’s usually quick and it has everything that I like!  If they can’t do that right then usually I don’t go back.  Well Palenque did not disappoint! The food came out very quickly and it was super hot.  Presentation was very nice although in my opinion Mexican cuisine does not lend itself very well to being very tidy due to the sauces that is usually associated with meal.  It tends to be messy.  However, the taste was incredible!  It was very tasty and extremely fresh.  You could taste all the ingredients in the food.  The beans were even good and I was glad that I did not pass it over for a double order of rice. Rice is sometimes tricky and is either overly cooked or undercooked but it was perfect.  Me describing the food does not really even begin to explain how good it was.  I did get the chicken enchilada dish which was bursting with flavors.  It was very tender the meat and had a generous portion stuffed inside the toritalla’s.  Cheese for me an important part of the dinner and needs to have lots which it did.  Everytime I would lift my fork it would stick to the fork and there was a string of it.

Now I have mentioned this before that I don’t usually indulge in desserts and well I could not resist this time.  I love churros and saw it on the menu and thought to myself just order them.  I placed my order and then waited for them to come out.  The waitress brings the sweet stuff and all I can smell was the cinnamon and sugar that was coated on the dough.  Now I have never had authentic churros before and the ones from Costco or Taco Bell do not count.  This one was so different because it was crunchy on the outside but the dough was soft in the middle and would melt in your mouth.  Just the right amount of sugar along with the cinnamon just made we want to eat it all.  Well I made a pig out of myself and ate the whole thing.  I don’t regret at all.

Mexican, Windsor, Foodporn, Food, DTW, Travel, churro

The next time I get that craving for some Mexican food I am going not going to make a run for the border because it’s down the street from me!

What is your favorite Mexican food?