Who does not love a good cuppa?  As I am one for trying new things this was perfect and plus I accidentally found this coffee place on my way to the Red Wings Game and was looking for a place to eat before getting there.

So when I saw ASHE Coffee Supply CO I started running to it and yelling to my friend hurry up!  She had no idea why I was so excited to see this coffee place and more than likely she probably thought I had finally lost my mind.  Little did she know at that time it was because I had seen this coffee shop featured on a show called In The D that is aired on a local TV station out of Detroit.  It is a show that features everything about Detroit and the local region for the most part.  The shows main purpose to help people discover all the unique things that are taking place in the city and the great places to dine, drink and have fun.  So that is the reason why I took off and ran into ASHE Coffee Supply Co.

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I am sure all of you know by now that one of the first things that catch my attention is the decoration and the general ambiance of a place.  Let me tell you that ASHE has done a great job of making the place interesting.  It is nicely decorated and it had a good vibe.  I don’t want to knock Starbucks because I love going there but this place made me feel very comfortable.  The interior is done with exposed brick, textured walls and hard woods.  I think the tables could have been reclaimed wood from Detroit’s old buildings before they were torn down.

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ASHE Coffee Co Detroit Michigan

The overall menu is small but that is ok.  It does make things a lot easier when a menu is limited and they will generally be better at the products that they offer.  When I finally went up to order I asked a few questions and the guy says to me “You must be used to Starbucks, right?” Of course I answered yes because I do actually like Starbucks.  He explains to me that the products they offer are different and that I should not expect anything like what they make.  I order a hot chocolate for my friend and I order a latte called Cafe Miel.  The coffee was made with espresso, steamed milk, honey and cinnamon We wait a few minutes while they make our beverages and that gave me more time to look around to see what they have.  It’s definitely for the Detroit lover because most of what they had to offer was Detroit based items.  I think that is really awesome.

Coffee, Detroit, Travel, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan
ASHE Coffee Co

They let us know that our beverages are now ready.  She takes a sip of her hot chocolate and said it is good but not sweet.  I take a sip of mine and I was like wow.  This tastes so good.   It’s the perfect balance between sweet and the taste of the coffee beans.  My friend does not really like coffee but I asked if she wanted to try mine and she did.  She actually said it was good.  I needed this pick up because by that point I was caffeine deprived. When you get your beverage they put a design on the froth which is quite cool and they were different from each other.

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ASHE Coffee Co Detroit Michigan, Hot Chocolate with Heart

I realize that this blog post might be shorter than usual but it was a new experience for me and I was amazed with what they had to offer.  There really is not much more I can write about on this particular place.  This coffee shop will be my go to in the future when I am hanging out in the Motor City.

Do you have a favorite coffee place that you go to that is not part of the big chains?