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Lobby of HockeyTown Cafe Detroit Michigan

He shoots he scores!  Or in this particular day it was he shoots he misses.  It was not a good day for the Red Wings.  They were defeated playing against the New York Rangers. However, I felt very lucky on March 12th because I got to visit two new places in the city of Detroit that I may not have had visited if I had not gone to see the Red Wings game.

HockeyTown is part of the IIlitch Holdings Group which is the same people who started Little Ceasars Pizza Pizza. It’s part of the IIlitch Holdings which if you are not familiar with who that is it is the people who own Little Ceasars Pizza.  The Illitch family has a very strong presence in the city of Detroit as they own the Detroit Tigers and you guessed it they also own the Red Wings.  They hae also been intrustmental in the rebirth of Detroit and they are expanding their pizza empire with the headoffice being built right down the street from HockeyTown.


I think that HockeyTown Cafe is rather interesting but you should really enjoy sports as it is centered around that.  You can find Detroit Tigers and Red Wings goods to purchase if you choose to do so.  One other aspect that it makes it more interesting that there is a theatre inside the restaurant called City Theatre.  I did not even know that it was there until I was reading the menu and discovered that it was there.  It’s not like it’s hidden I was just not paying attention.  From what I understand it not far off from being in a Theatre on Broadway but I don’t know that for sure.

Be prepared to wait if you ever decide to come here if there is any games taking place. Commerica park sits right across the road from HockeyTown Cafe so it draws on the crowds going there.  It’s in centrailized part of the city and easy access to the interestates. Plus any home games for the Red Wings they provide shuttles to Joe Louis Arena for anyone that is attending those games.  With the new arena being built it will be much closer and I am sure that it will bring more people to visit there.

So my friend that went to ASHE Coffee Co also came with me to HockeyTown Cafe which was interesting because she is a not a sports fan at all.  We went up to the Hostess and asked for a table and she informed us that it will be an hour to get a table.  I asked her if she was serious and yet she was so sweet about it and said we will text you when your table is ready.  Ultimately choices are limited for dining in this area as it is still in the stages of rebirth.  Also, you may not know this but Detroit is quite religious so lots of places downtown are not open for business on Sundays.  I forgot about this when we decided to eat downtown.  This time allowed us to discover a bit more about the restaurant and look around a bit more.  That’s when we discovered the theatre and looked around at the decor and the sports themed ambiance.  The lobby part of the restaurant is actually quite interesting and in my opinion done well.  It was pretty comfortable as well which is important to the overall dining experience.

Food wise it’s really finger food’s and sports grub.  Don’t expect a gourmet meal here because it’s not going to happen.  I decided to order the “Boss Hog” burger after asking the waitress what she would go with if she was ordering and she told me that I would not be disappointed in ordering it.  Well she was right I was not disappointed with the taste and the portion size.  Just as they describe it a meat lovers dream!  It was a burger topped with pulled pork, bacon, cheese and crispy onion straws. It was a huge a burger and I could barely get my mouth around it.  My friend laughed at me and she said she was surprised that I could not get my big mouth around it.  It was difficult let me tell you.  The taste of the pulled pork was perfect.  Not too sweet and not too spicy.  However, next time that I decide to go there I will order it medium because anything more than that the burger dries out.  My friend is a bit boring when it comes to food so her order was nothing exciting.  It was chicken fingers with fries.  However, it was a good size portion and she said they were actually really tasty.  The batter on them looked crispy and just the perfect amount on them.

Americana, Pub Food, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan, Motor CityIMG_20170312_172142Americana, Pub Food, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan, Motor CityAmericana, Pub Food, Food, Foodporn, Pure Michigan, Motor City

I enjoyed my meal here at the HockeyTown Cafe and will be back. It is a great place to hang out with people have a few drinks.  There is a really nice bar that you can sit and watch any sporting events taking place.

He shoots he scores!!  Or that is what we hope happens.

If you want to see some of the game that I went to see please look here.