A benefit from living in Windsor is that we have many different types of food that is offered due to the diversity that this City offers.  We have a very large Arabic population in the city and it should be noted that it has been suggested that Windsor has one of the largest populations of Middle Easterners in the World outside of the Middle East. Dearborn Michigan is also home to a very large number of Middle Easterners and it said that it does hold the most from that ethnic group anywhere outside of the Middle East.  We also enjoy other types of ethnic foods that are just as delightful and living here you never get bored with food at all.  I know that is a first world problem to be bored with food but it is worth noting that you will not go hungry here!

If you have not had any type of Middle Eastern food you need to go out and get some!  It’s has so much flavor and it’s good for you.  There are different types of this cuisine and it depends on the region of where it comes from.  Excuse my generalization but I think most Westerners are probably more apt to call this cuisine Lebanese food.  It’s probably more familiar and more recognized.  They are similar but subtle enough that they taste very different.

This brings me to Windsor Palace and it was my very first time visiting the restaurant. I’ll be honest that the reason why I decided to try this place for the first time is because of a Facebook friend posted a few pictures on her page and it got me thinking and I got hungry for some Middle Eastern food.  It was the power of suggestion that got me.  And I was very happy that it did.  Oh and I do have to tell the truth as I did check out tripadvisor before I went to help me with my decision.  Besides most people saying that the food was excellent there was one other point that was made and it was the dramatic dining room that the restaurant had.  Well let’s just say they were spot on with this observation.  It was unexpected as the outside of the restaurant does not say anything about being dramatic.

I did things differently this time as I had just ended my day at work and I was not in the mood to sit down to dine in.  I just wanted the comfort of my home and spend time with my dog before going to bed for the night.  I decided to do the take out route!  Take out is hard to make look presentable because of how it needs to be packaged so that it can travel. In this case they proved me wrong and Windsor Palace did an awesome job of making sure that they food was nicely presented.  I strongly believe that Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the best types of food for presentation.  It always looks very appetizing to me.  Hummus is a perfect example on how it’s decorated and the placed on to the serving dish.  It’s amazing really!

One of my favorite things about Middle Eastern food is the garlic sauce that they offer.  It’s so simple but very tasty.  I decided to order an appetizer platter which had hummus, fattoush, baba ganoush and tabouli.  I did not know if that would be enough so I decided to order a dish called Kibbeh.  When the staff handed over my order I was amazed on how heavy everything was. I thought that maybe I might have been given the wrong order but did not question it because I figured that they got it right.  I kinda felt the Ikea commercial where the lady is running out of the building saying “Start the car”!  Of course I’d be only yelling at myself to start the car and that would be weird so that did not happen.

I finally get home not that it took long to get but I was tired.  As soon as unpacked the food the aroma from what I had ordered hit me like a brick.  The smell of the food that I had ordered was making salivate and I was ready to start to eat.  There was a part of me that didn’t even want to start dishing up the food because the way it looked.  I don’t like to call food pretty but it was exactly that as the presentation was really  nice.  My taste buds are going crazy with all the different tastes that are involved.  It was so fresh tasting and perfectly seasoned.  It’s really amazing how different everything tastes but seem so similar with the ingredients that is put into the food. Yet so simple!  My favorite part of this meal was EVERYTHING!  It was so good that I could not stop at just having one helping I went back for another round.

There was so much food that it lasted for a few more meals and snacks.  It was super cheap considering the portion size of what I got.  I think Windsor Palace will be my goto in the future as my favorite place to go has went out of business sadly.

Do you love Middle Eastern Food?  If so what is your favorite place to go?  I would love to put them on my list of places to go next.