In my about section I had mentioned that I do have food allergies and specifically seafood. You are probably wondering why I visited a Sushi place considering that they serve fish, right? Well even though they are known for Sushi they do have other things on the menu that are not seafood related at all.  I have been to Ronin before so it’s not new to me.  The food is actually incredible!  I am sure you are still thinking if you can’t eat seafood why would you go into such a place.  Well let me tell you that when you are out with friends who enjoy this kinda thing and you are the only who does not then there is that chance you will be left out.  Who wants to go somewhere else to eat alone while everyone else you know is having a good time with each other.  I hate this phrase but I had to say to myself “suck it up, buttercup”  However, before we went I was assured that there other types of food that I could have while I ate there that is not seafood related.

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Ronin is located in the downtown core of Royal Oak.  It’s close to the action and not a far walk from anything in the city.  What makes this an ideal spot to eat at is that it’s right next door to the Royal Oak Theatre which hosts live music events and some big headliners actually perform there.  Before you decide to venture into Royal Oak to eat make sure there is no big shows taking place that day or you could end up waiting awhile to eat.

I am sure you know me by now and what has an everlasting impression on me when it comes to ambiance.  Ronin is no different when it comes to this.  The dining experience is comfortable and varies on where you sit in the restaurant.  They have two different area’s one is dining and the other is the bar area which is open seating.  The bar area tends to be the fun area where you sit on couches and there ottoman style tables for you to put your food and drinks on.  It’s also where children are not able to go and you have to be 21+ to seat there.  Sorry for those who have children but I am thankful for this because I don’t always want to hear screaming kids while I am eating.  No I am not that grumpy old guy it’s just that I prefer not to dine with kids.

This time I sat in the dining room area because well the bar area was full and there was a couple in the corner who thought some PDA was necessary.  It was too much really. The server arrived at the table and asked if there was any questions about the menu.  I did not have any questions because I knew what I wanted.  I guess with Sushi you have to ask more questions because my friend asked lots of questions and finally decided on what to eat.  He ordered his food from a paper menu by putting check marks on the sheet and I had ordered with the waitress.

My meal was Kobe sliders that had ginger, smoked bacon, siracha sauce, lettuce, tomato and boursin cheese.  I had asked for them medium but was told it was either rare or well done.  Well done it was because the sight of rare meat is not something I can handle visually.  It may taste good but no thank you.  Even well done they tasted amazing!  Very tender and you could taste all the ingredients.  It’s different having ginger on a burger but it works well.  The side with sliders is a shoestring fries which are mounded on top. You really don’t think you will be full from eating the food but I was when I was done.

The sushi according to my friend is amazing!  I mean I can only take his word for it but based on looks alone it looked outstanding.  Believe me if I could have tried it I would have.  Why is that when you are out with people who are eating things that you can’t eat is that you try to live through them by asking how everything tastes?  Or that you watch their facial expressions to determine if it’s good or not?  I find myself doing that often even though I am not able to eat that particular food.  Food allergies are not fun to deal with so in the case I don’t even bother and being adventurous in attempting to eat it.

Royal Oak, Sushi, Food, Foodporn
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Royal Oak, Sushi, Food, Foodporn

Do you love to eat Sushi?  What are your favorite places to go?