What comes to mind when someone says Pizza to you?  Do you have a favorite pizza joint that you go to?  Or do you think of the big pizza chains?  Although the large pizza chains are attractive in the sense of price are you really getting the best pizza out there? Yes I am asking lots of questions on this because I think that living in Windsor we have some of the best pizza around.  For me it brings back some childhood memories of eating pizza with my Mother and Brother on a particular night of the week.  This generally was on a Friday night after my Mom had got home from work.  The standard topping list was Bacon, Mushroom and Green Pepper. I guess I am saying it can be a comfort food to me.

I have mentioned this before that when most Windsorites leave the area this is one of the things that they crave the most when they move away.  Some miss the pizza so much that they will have it shipped to them!  Now that says something about the taste and arguably the quality of the pizza.  That is one of many stories you can find that people will have pizza shipped to their new homes away from home.  I never got the crazy when I did move away but I definitely craved it and would get pizza when I came home.  There was only one place that I found that even came close to the pizza here in Windsor and that was in Alma, Michigan at a place called Pizza Sam’s.  Their pizza was excellent!

Since I love pizza so much I decided that it would be unfair to myself and my readers to only try one place and blog about it.  Each pizza place has its own flavor and they are really good!  I feel like we have a lot pizza joints in the city and it’s almost like a Tim Horton’s on every corner.  At this point I am sure you are wondering what makes pizza here so great, right?  It’s the sauce, the cheese and the dough.  I mean that is the basic ingredients of any pizza but its the tastes of them that make the difference. The pizza places take their cheese seriously and don’t cut on the quality of it either.  There has been debates on whether or not the local pizzeria’s are using cheese from the local vendors or from the US.  They take it seriously.  To sum it up it’s the passion that is involved in creating that great pizza.

Each of the places I tried I have had pizza from them except for two.  One is new and the other one has been around for a long time but for whatever reason I never ordered from them.  I guess it’s probably because I am loyal to one particular place as I find they do have the best pizza in the city.  Some may argue with me but we all have different tastes. I am going to start with my favorite pizza place and end with my least favorite.  That does not mean that I did not like the pizza it’s just my overall preference.

My favorite place to order from is Sarducci’s Pizza which where I order from the most because it really is excellent pizza.  Their boxes say’s “Home of the famous kitchen sink” which just means they have lots of toppings.  Any pizza that I have ever ordered from there is loaded with toppings and it they are quick.  Most times you will get your pizza in 25 minutes at maximum.  The guys that work there are super friendly and when you walk in they all greet you by name if they know it.  When you are leaving they always say bye to you by name.  That is a personal touch!  Their sauce has the perfect blend of being sweet and spicy.  It’s one of those few places that I can eat pizza without getting heartburn which is a bonus for me.  It’s always perfectly cooked.

My next place that I really like is Cheese Wheelz.  They have not been around for as long as Sarducci’s but have a very large presence in the area.  Cheese Wheelz started off in an ESSO gas station and has steadily increased its size by adding more locations.  The only thing that I don’t like is that they are becoming a chain which is being franchised out so this does seem to have an effect on consistency and quality of the product.  However, with that being said they are really a league on their own when it comes to what the final product is.  The crust is super thick and is flavored with garlic butter.  The toppings on their pizza is some of the best in the city.  It’s fresh and they don’t skimp on how much they put on the pizza at all.  The reason why I rate this more as my second choice is the heartburn factor kicks in which causes me pain due to the sauce and toppings.

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The third place is Rosa’s but really it’s a tie with second place.  I can’t say anything bad about the pizza.  It was so tasty!  Good quality pizza toppings plus the perfect amount of cheese was put on the pizza.  The drawback was there was too much sauce on the pizza which is not a bad thing but it had a unique taste on its own but it was on the spicy side for me.  Once again purely a taste perspective for me.  It was cooked perfectly so no burnt crust which is never a good thing.  Toppings for Rosa’s was fresh and had a good amount of them on it.

The last place for me was Davinci’s and once again it had nothing to do with the pizza being bad it’s all about what it had to offer over the others.  One thing I noticed with the pizza from here was that the sauce was very light and was very spicy for me.  Maybe that is why they use light sauce on the pizza here.  Toppings were also lighter than the other places.  I do like lots of toppings on my pizza’s.  However, cheese wise they had put the most on it which I really liked.  The cheese was definitely a higher quality cheese and it’s a local vendor which is really awesome.


There are so many other places to blog about when it comes to pizza here.  Have you ever had pizza in Windsor?  And if so what is your favorite place to go?  Do you have any local favorites in the city that you live in?