Guidelines and Polices that I will follow:

I will not include negative information about any establishment that I write about.  One thing that should be noted is that I am not a food critic but I am involved in the Food & Beverage Industry.

My blog entries will not be biased as most of the places I will be trying will be my first time visiting said establishment.  If they are not the first time I have visited them it’s because I really like the place and I want others to try it out.

No establishment will know that I am going to be blogging about them at any point during my visit there.  This means that I am not being compensated for my blog entry.  However, if someone wants to pay for a meal or compensate me they can!  I am open to that.

Sorry seafood lovers I can’t eat it and probably will not visit any place that is solely  based on that.

All pictures and video’s are my own unless otherwise noted.  You do not have permission to use my photo’s for your own purposes unless you have received consent to do so.

Please feel free to comment on my blog posts!  Please note that comments that are not polite or that include profanity will be promptly deleted.